Student Corner

Guidelines for Medical Report

The medical check-up can be done in the below stated places:
1. Health Centers
2. Kiang Wu Hospital / Macao University of Science and Technology Hospital
3. Private Clinics recognized by the Health Bureau


Health Center:
1. Appointment for chest X-ray at the Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment Center, located at Estrada da Vitoria, No. 40 (next to Guia tunnel).
2. X-ray and be sure of the stated date to collect it.
3. Appointment for medical check-up (Health Center of your district).
4. Medical examination and collection of the Report.


Kiang Wu Hospital or Macau University of Science and Technology Hospital:
1. Appointment for medical check-up (either online or personally). Please be sure to follow all the given indications.);
2. Medical examination and collection of the Report.


Private Clinics:

Since each clinic has its own rules and regulations, it is suggested for you to contact the one of your choice and follow whatever step necessary.


According to Decree-Law no.13/96/M, it is compulsory for candidates to have the vaccines (described below) in order:


Age (as of 31/12/2010) Mandatory requirements
15-17 years old VAS minimum 2 doses (MMR)
  Anti-tetanus minimum 3 doses (the last dose cannot exceed 10 years)
  VAHB minimum 3 doses
  OPV / IPV minimum 3 doses
18 years old or above Anti-tetanus (the last dose cannot exceed 10 years)



1. The following documents are needed for the medical check-up:
  a. I.D. card /passport;
  b. one recent photo;
  c. MPI Medical Report Form;
  d. Vaccination booklet.
2. Be sure to wear spectacles instead of contact lenses;
3. Urine analysis is not done during one’s period;
4. Expectant mothers are exempted from X-ray.


Medical Prove form: Download Acrobat PDF
If you don't have Acrobat Reader get it here.