Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation (Port. Edu. Sys.)



The Programme aims to develop student’s translation professionalism in the Chinese and Portuguese languages. Graduates should be well-versed in the Portuguese language, have a good foundation in Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) and basic understanding of English. They should be able to engage in interpreting and translation work in the Portuguese and Chinese languages, or to pursue careers in research, teaching, or secretarial work.


Duration : 4 Years
Teaching Language : Both Chinese and Portuguese
Mode: Both daytime and evening


Career Prospects

Graduates can continue on to Master's programs in related fields within Macao or Portugal. In terms of employment, they can sit for translation posts in the Macao SAR government and engage in Chinese-Portuguese translation work in Chinese or foreign enterprises. Otherwise, they can be employed as teachers of the Portuguese Language.