Supplementary Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Students of this supplementary program are qualified nurses. This program aims to introduce to the students advanced concepts in nursing and broad perspectives in health and health care. The current trend of an integrative approach to health care will be introduced. Students English language competence will be enhanced. At the latter part of the program, students are offered the choice(s) for the subject Clinical Elective which includes advanced principles of specific nursing specialty followed by placement to appropriate clinical units. Finally, students are required to conduct a research study related to the subject Clinical Elective. Students then write up the report of the study as the dissertation before graduation.


Duration : 1 year full-time / 1.5 years part-time
Teaching Language :Chinese and English
Mode: Day / Evening program


Career Prospects

Nursing career in hospitals, health centers, private clinics, educational institutes, social welfare units, rehabilitation centers, private nursing house, etc.