Other Honours and Awards


Name Award-Winning Output


Provincial and Municipal Awards
Meng Lirong Endometrial Carcinoma: Fundamentals & Clinical Research

- "2008 Liaoning Provincial S&T Award (Second Prize)"
- "2008 Shenyang S&T Progress Award (Third Prize)"
Lou Shenghua (Second Author)
“A Study of Economic Changes in the Chinese Rural Communities of the Southern Jiansu Area”

- “The Sixth Jiansu Universities' Award for Outstanding Research Output in Philosophy & Social Science 2008 (Third Prize)”
- “The Ninth Suzhou Municipal Award for Outstanding Research Output in Philosophy & Social Science 2007 (Third Prize)”

Lang Bin
(Fourth Author)

The Technique and Clinical Application of Anatomical Retroperitoneoscopic Adrenalectomy

- "2009 S&T Progress Award (Second Prize)"
- "2008 Hubei Provincial S&T Progress Award (First Prize)"
- "2008 Chinese Medical Technological Award (Third Prize)"


Outstanding Research Awards offered by CASS
Xia Guang
(Third Author)
Globalization: Cultural Clash and Symbiosis


Best Paper
Hu Qiping "The Development of Music Education from Ancient China to Contemporary Times"
Aesthetic Comparison of Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi’s Chaos Theory and Debussy’s Impressionistic Music
Lai Sau Ling The Role of Web-based Social Media in the Formation of a Tourism Destination Image
Li Wenye, et al. Facility Locations Revisited: An Efficient Belief Propagation Approach
Meng Lirong The Relationship between KCC1 Gene and Endometrial Cancer and the Influence of KCC1 Gene to Proliferation Ability
Zhang Hongfeng The Equilibrium Point of Value Orientation Gaming in Higher Education
A Game-Theoretical Analysis of University Organizational Change: Interests, Choices and the Equilibrium
Wang Li
Hu Hailin,
et al.
Wang Li

On Approaches to Estimate Equilibrium Exchange Rates

Lei Cheng Cheong