The 1st Outstanding Achievement Awards (2005)


Name Award-Winning Output


First Prize
Lou Shenghua


Second Prize
Lei Heong Iok Study Concerning the College of Saint Paul, Macao

Choi Nga Man
Jun Daiyao

Guo Yongzhong

Enhancing the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Macao
Su Dongbin "The Shared Value — Macao's Export-oriented Economy and the Pan-Pearl River Delta Corporation"
Hau Veng San A Research on the Development of Cyber Banking in Macao


Third Prize
Feng Xiaoyun
Ieong Tou Hong
"The Opportunity and Role for Macao to integrate into PRD"


Nomination Prize
 Zhu Dexin,
Meng Gingshun
Zhou Yunyuan
"A Study of the Development of Macao Fishermen in the Twentieth Century”
Li Changsen (Ed.) "A Practical Course in Translation — Portuguese/Chinese"
Lai Wai Leung "Macao Social Policy Model"
Wang Wuyi Small Macao Consolidates Relations with Big Europe