Supplementary Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art (Educational)



One of the earliest art education programs offered by the School of Arts of the Macao Polytechnic Institute was the Higher Diploma in Visual Arts (Education) promoted starting in 1997. This was a three-year program aiming to train professional workers in the sectors of art, art education, as well as visual arts communication and design.

The School of Arts facilitates complete professional equipment and facilities for teaching Painting, Printmaking, Chinese Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics. The curriculum covers both art theories and skills comprising Chinese and Western Art History, Culture of Macao, Art Education Theories and Teaching Material Design, as well as Teaching Practice. In respect of indulging basic skills, students will learn sketching, colours and painting. In the third year, students will engage a specialization in either a 2-D or 3-D category including Printmaking, Chinese Painting, Sculpture, and Ceramics, thus reinforcing the students’ applied skills and creative ability in their chosen medium. Students can also elect to continue on to a degree or a specialized program.


Duration : 1 year
Teaching Language : Chinese
Mode: Evening Programme


Career Prospects

The graduates can be teachers of arts in both secondary and primary schools, workers in cultural organizations, art galleries, museums, art centers or media design companies. He/she may also establish a personal art studio according to the development of the creative properties in Macao.