General Information


The Language Training and Testing Centre is mainly responsible for providing training courses as well as tests of HSK (Proficiency Test of Chinese for Foreigners) and PSC (Proficiency Test of Mandarin for Chinese).



Implementing the Mandarin Teaching Standardization Scheme in MPI.
Implemening the Mandarin Standardization Examination in MPI.
Organising the Proficiency Test of Chinese for Foreigners (HSK) and exam preparation courses with the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Organising the Proficiency Test of Mandarin (PSC) and pre-exam courses with the Centre of Mandarin Learning and Evaluation and the Linguistic Commission of P.R. China.


Address: Chi Un Building Room B202
Telephone: ( 853 ) 8599 6546
Fax: ( 853 ) 2852 6535