Prof. Luís de Jesus Santos Soares


Professor Luis de Jesus Santos Soares is former President of the Coordination Council of Polytechnic Institutes (CCIP) in Portugal. With ample experience in higher education and education administration, he has also served as President of Porto Polytechnic Institute, Vice President of the National Commission for Access to Higher Education (CNAES), Coordinator in the Area of Engineering of the National Commission for the Implementation of the “Bologna Process”, Member of the National Commission for Evaluation of Higher Education (CNAVES) and the National Education Council (CNE), Member of Steering Committee and President of the Academic Board of the University of Minho, amongst other roles.
Professor Luis Soares received a “Licenciatura” degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Porto, Portugal, and a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK. His teaching career began at the University of Porto where he served as an instructor. He later served as a Full Professor in the University of Luanda and the University of Minho. Retired from the professorship of the University of Minho, Professor Soares continues to serve as Student Ombundsman of Porto Polytechnic Institute (IPP), General Director of the IPP Foundation and President of the General Council of Portalegre Polytechnic Institute.


Actively involved in educational affairs in Portugal and African Portuguese-speaking countries, Professor Luis Soares has coordinated numerous education-related projects, such as the project of proposals for “Rehabilitation of the Education System in S. Tome”, “ANGOP Project – Training of Education Inspectors” and “Training of Science Teachers for Basic Education” for the Republic of Angola and “Evaluating the Impact of the Support of the Portuguese Government on the Education System of S. Tome and Principe”. He was also a member of The Joint Working Group Portugal-Cape Verde for Higher Education and a collaborator of the Angolan Provincial Secretariat for Professional Education and Training.