Prof. Laurie Cuthbert


Professor Laurie Cuthbert from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), is Director of the MPI-QMUL Intelligent Systems Research Centre in Macao and Co-Director of the Joint Degree Programme between QMUL and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Professor Cuthbert also served as Head of the Department of Electronic Engineering in QMUL for 9 years and is currently part of an expert group for the Canadian Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.
Professor Cuthbert has vast experience in telecommunications research. The research group he established in the late 1980s in the QMUL Department of Electronic Engineering was one of the first to be active in ATM research around that time. In the past 10 years he has presented and published more than 100 papers in various publications and events. Research grants he has received during his academic career have amounted to more than 5 million pounds, several being important EU research projects.
Professor Cuthbert has been the technical manager of the EU IST projects “SHUFFLE”, “SAFEGUARD” and “ADAMANT”. In 2009 he and his research partners, Dr John Bigham and Dr Clive Parini, successfully received a US patent for their research “Intelligent Control of Radio Resources in a Wireless Network”. Dedicated to nurturing professional talents, besides his professorship at QMUL, he also serves as visiting professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Dublin City University and Macao Polytechnic Institute. Up to the present he has successfully supervised 26 PhD dissertations and 2 MPhil dissertations.
Some major research projects Professor Cuthbert conducted as the principal investigator include: “Agent Technology for Connection Admission Control in Complex ATM N/Works” (EPSRC, GR/L04801, £164,051), “Agent Approach for Strategic Resource Management in Telecommunications Networks” (EPSRC, GR/M42893, £175,469), “CANCAN” (EU, £325,766), “CRUMPET” (EU, IST-1999-20147,£180,067), “Technology for ATD” (EU, RACE R1022,£450,000), “Broadband Access Facility” (EU, RACE R2024, £386,000), “Integrated Communications Management” (EU, RACE R2059, £231,000), “Hot Emulation” (TCD/Nortel, £188,480), “Provision of Quality of Service on Wireless Networks” (US Office of Naval Research, N00014-03-1-0323, £200,000), etc.