MPI Signs Cooperation Agreement with the Chinese Educators’ Association of Macau


In view of the development of Macao society entering into a new critical period, with the education sector seeking an unique path of development to improve the quality of education in Macao, Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) and Chinese Educators Association of Macao reached an agreement on 7th Oct, 2013 (Monday) with the spirit of " promoting Macao’s education, strengthening academic cooperation, jointly serving the community. The purpose of this agreement is to actively seek an entry point to promote substantive cooperation and exchange in various academic fields, so as to achieve complementary advantages.

President Lei Heong Iok and Chairperson Mrs. Ho Sio Kam, on behalf of the two organisations, signed the cooperation pact. According to the pact, cooperation can be carried out in the following areas/forms: encouraging academic exchanges between staff; catering to bilateral needs, to jointly organise  conferences, seminars, or various types of short-term academic exchange activities ; cooperation and exchanges in books, files and research data in mutual areas of interests; actively carrying out bilateral personnel and students exchange programs, organizing students to participate in each other's short-term study and social programmes, encouraging staff of both parties to co-organise various charity, cultural and recreational activities; caring for Macao students, and working together to improve the students' scientific qualities and  cultivate their patriotic sentiments; cooperating in teacher’s on-job training and guiding of teaching. Representative from the Chinese Educators Association of Macao who attended the signing ceremony also included Mrs. Chan Hong, President of Administrative Board, Mr. Wong Kuok Ieng, Mr. Ao Yu Hong, Vice-Presidents of Administrative Board and Mr. Ieong Chan Kei, Director of Publication Affairs.