General Information for MPI Exchange Students at CCISP


1. Registration procedures
Interested students from Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) should first refer to this NOTICE issued by Student Affairs Office. This notice is also available on the MPI website (News for Students) and has been distributed to related Schools to be posted on notice boards and otherwise publicized to students.
Interested students may send by e-mail their name, MPI student ID number, course in MPI, GPA, contact mobile phone number, e-mail address, selected IP name and desired programme to the Student Affairs Office ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).
Once the candidates have been selected by the MPI School for this exchange programme they may select the subjects in which they are interested;
MPI Registry sends the learning agreements (signed by MPI and students) to the IPs. If a timetable conflict occurs candidates should revise their course combinations and discuss this with their Programme Coordinator.
1.5. Candidates must complete the IP learning agreement and application form.
The accepted learning agreement and application form must be presented upon arrival at the IP’s Registry in order to complete the student’s registration at the IP.
In the case of those who are unable to present the required documents, the IP’s Registry reserves the right to reject candidates to be officially registered, proceed to enrollment or attend classes and final examination. Non-registered students will not be provided with insurance coverage.
Once all the registration procedures have been completed the exchange student must present the original learning agreement (signed by the MPI representative and the qualified exchange student) to the IP’s Registry to be endorsed by the IP representative.
If during the registration process at the IP the exchange student wishes to change courses / subjects from those previously agreed and signed for with MPI the student must obtain approval from the MPI Programme Coordinator. Any revised learning agreement endorsed by the MPI representative (Head of Registry) must be resubmitted to the IP’s Registry.
Once the exchange programme has been completed MPI students must present their transcripts to the MPI Registry for subject equivalence.
2. What is the duration of the exchange programme ?
  1 semester at Portugal.
3. Starting dates / Academic Calendar
or further information regarding each academic year’s calendar please kindly refer to each Portugal Institute's websites.
4. Expected arrival date
Students should arrive in Portugal at least 4 working days before the first day of classes, as indicated on each IPs academic calendar, so as to be able to complete all the formalities such as registration, opening of bank account etc., and to become familiar with the surrounding environment before class starts.
5. VISA applications for Portugal
Students with Portuguese passport do not need a VISA to Portugal. However, students with passports issued by MSAR or Mainland China must apply for the “Schengen Visa” in the Portugal Consulate in Macao, at student own expenses.
DAE staff will guide the exchange students on how to apply for the “Schengen Visa”.
6. Class Attendance
A minimum attendance percentage is required for all subjects in the degree programmes. This percentage varies from each IPs. Students must have attention to their IP, once arrived, before class starts. Any student not complying with attendance requirements is ineligible to take the final examination and the subject will be treated as failed.
7. Supplementary Examinations
All exchange students that fail in the exams must attend the supplementary examinations at the IP, during the period mentioned in the academic calendar.
8. Programmes offered from CCISP
For further information regarding the CCISP programmes offered to MPI exchange students, please refer to this LINK.
9. Prerequisites from CCISP 
In order for candidates to be accepted for the programmes offered, they must comply with the following prerequisites:

For students from MPI Schools :
1. Applicant must have a GPA of not less than 2.5.
2. Applicant must have a good knowledge of Portuguese or English.
3. Applicant transcript and previous course plan must be submitted to the IP for evaluation.
10. Regulations, Guidelines and Legislation
All MPI students must comply with each IPs rules and regulations as well as Portugal legislation


11.1 Where and who should I contact at IPs?

Each IP have an International Students Office to assist with any matters related to exchange students. All MPI students are encouraged to approach each IPs representatives from this office for further information.

Alternatively, students can also contact Ms Isabel Rosa Duque from the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) Student Affairs Office (Room A119 )/ Tel:(+853) 8599 6625 / email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the MPI School Programme coordinator with any enquiries.


What will my expenses be like in Portugal?

Tuition fees:
Should pay their tuition fees to MPI -  Tuition Fees
Registration fees: Exchange students are exempt from registration fees.
Accommodation: Accommodated in the IPs hostel at no charge.
Living subsidy IPs will be giving a monthly subsidy of around 100 EUROS for each student, which should cover daily meals and other basic expenses such as laundry within the hostel, bus passes etc.
Transportation expenses:

IPs will provide transportation for the students on their first arrival in Portugal, from the Portugal-Lisbon International Airport to the hostel and return. Bus passes to travel within Portugal are available to anyone that wishes to purchase one, but a special bus fare is charged for all registered students in Portugal.

Alternatively students may also travel by train within Portugal, and even within Europe. It is the cheapest way to travel in Europe.

Meals expenses:
Students are responsible for their own daily meal expenses. As an approximate guide, set lunches in restaurants in the city start from around EUROS 7. Students may choose to have daily meals in any of the student canteens provided by IPs at no cost.
Health care and Insurance:

IPs has insurance covering all registered students in the event of any unfortunate bodily injuries sustained.

Some IPs has their own medical clinic that offers consultations in General Practice, etc., at reduced costs. 
Students must buy an international health insurance valid for at least 6 months, covering medical consultations, hospitalizations and other unfortunate accidents.

Medicines can only be bought in pharmacies. Some medicines can be sold without a prescription, but for stronger medication a doctor’s prescription is required. Medications that are usually taken should be brought along with the student.
VISA fee: Around MOP745 (the visa fee might be changed by the Portugal consulate without prior notice)
Entry Declaration: (possible penalty fee) The penalty payment of 30 EUROS, will be charged when students entering in the European Union Schengen Area and that they did not regularize their entrance in Portugal within 72 hours of their arrival. In order to avoid paying this penalty fee, students are advice to complete the “Entry Declaration” form from the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) in Portugal, and communicate with the IP representative in Portugal on their arrival to be guided with the necessary procedures. (the penalty fee might be changed by the Portugal law without prior notice)
"Permanent Residency" Visa fee: The European Union Schengen Area visa to Portugal obtain in the Portugal consulate in Macao is a temporary Visa that should be enough to stay in Portugal during students placement period (around 3 months), since the placements doesn't require any activities out of Portugal. However, the temporary Schengen Area visa to Portugal according to the law in Portugal, don't give the authorization to enter in any other European country besides Portugal. If the students want to travel out of Portugal, will have to change their Visa to "Permanent Residency" Visa in Portugal, and it cost around 147 EUROS. About this matter it should be each student to decide the best solution. On how to apply for this visa, students are invited to ask the IP in Portugal. (the "Permanent Residency" Visa fee might be changed by the Portugal law without prior notice)
Other fees: Students are required to pay any other fees that might be requested from the Portugal law or IP of their destination.
11.3 What documents do I need to bring with me?
1. A valid passport with VISA (with at least 1 year of validity);
2. 6 passport type photographs (with white background);
3. Health Insurance Card and related policies;
4. Personal hospitalization insurance and related policies;
5. Your updated vaccination booklet;
Account information of your bank in Macao, such as a copy of the bank account booklet or card, bank name, address, account number, IBAN, SWIFT, and NIB codes. (The only bank in Macao that has connections with banks in Portugal is “Banco Nacional Ultramarino” (BNU), and BNU will transfer values of less than EUR100.00, but only to “Caixa Geral de Depositos” bank. It is therefore recommended that students open an account with this bank in Portugal).
One copy of the MPI and CCISP agreement regarding the exchange programme.
Three copies of each of all the above mentioned documents (excluding students photos and MPI and CCISP agreement regarding the exchange programme).