Application Procedure


As to convenient students, On-line application for all Degree Programme has taken effect. Students can just click on MPI website ( and fill in the on-line application. Please follow the instructions of the on-line application, do it step by step, submit all required document by deadline, then the application is finished and succeeded. Moreover, applicant should follow the instructions as below:


Online application/registration
(applicants must fill in the true, otherwise the application will not be accepted.)


Summit documents (applicable to Bachelor of Social Sciences in Social Work program only)

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After summiting the online application form, for those applicants apply for Bachelor of Social Sciences in Social Work (day / night session) must print the application form and bring it to Registry (Room A101) together with all relevant documents below:
Application form (with the attached form)
Photocopy Higher Diploma (not necessary for the applicants who are to complete their degree)
Photocopy of Identification Document
Photocopy of working contract, and/or staff card, the original letter by the employer and/or staff card (applicants who are presently employed)
Recommendation Letter (original) by employer and/or teacher (applicants whose GPA are lower than 2.0)
One 1.5 inch photo (b/w or color and without headwear)


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For those applicants apply for other programs are not required to submit any forms or documents.


Application fee (MOP150,00)
payment can be done, online, through credit card;
payment can be done by the applicant and/or a representative at MPI’s Treasury Department through credit card, cheque, cash and/or bank draft. (Please note that when using cheque and/or bank draft it must be in favour of Macao Polytechnic Institute;
bank draft must be in favour of Macao Polytechnic Institute and should be sent to MPI’s Treasury Department;
Telegramme transfer (T/T) should be sent to MPI’s account nº: 01-01-20-788203, Bank of China, Macao Branch. Please make sure that the applicant’s name and the purpose of the amount.

Please print out the “Important Dates”, follow the instructions / submit the relevant information on time.