Admission Requirement


Admission Requirements for Bachelor Programs

1. Secondary School Graduates(Form 6)
According to article 28 of the Higher Education Law of RAEM, article nº9, applicants of age 25 or above and with special ability conditions, need not comply with the above mentioned point 1. Upon successful completion of the entrance examination, the applicant will be eligible to further his/hers studies in a higher diploma programme offered by IPM. All those who complete 25 years of age before September 1st will also be eligible to participate in the entrance examination.


According to article 4 of Decree-Law 26/2003, the participants who have completed their secondary studies out of Macao, need the recognition of MPI’s Academic Qualification Recognition Committee before they are eligible to register.

2. Have passed the medical examination.

Admission Requirements for Supplementary Programs

1. The applicants for the following programs: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Studies, Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Administration need to be holders of a IPM Diploma in these same area and/or their qualifications have been recognize by MPI’s Academic Qualification Recognition Committee;
2. Applicants for all other programs need to be holders of a IPM Diploma in the same area of interest;
3. Have passed the medical examination